High-Performance Data Analytics Platforms:

We provide expertise in leading technologies such as Apache Ignite, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Apache HBase. We design and implement cloud-based data lakes and data warehouses, integrating MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) and NoSQL technologies to enhance data handling and analytics.

Performance Optimization:

Our solutions enhance data processing speeds by up to two orders of magnitude, ensuring that your data operations are not only fast but also efficient.

Data Flows and Application Development:

We specialize in designing, developing, and delivering sophisticated data flow management and application design processes tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.


Advanced Clustering with Apache Hadoop:

Our team is skilled in setting up, configuring, and managing Apache Hadoop clusters. We provide comprehensive operational planning and continuous monitoring to ensure system reliability and performance.

Custom Data Processing Stacks:

We build custom data processing solutions utilizing the latest in advanced data science tools and frameworks, catering to unique business requirements and objectives.

Fast Data with ACID In-Memory Computing:

We leverage ACID-compliant in-memory computing technologies to provide high-speed data processing that does not compromise on data integrity.

Pre-deployment Validation of Data Stacks:

We ensure that all data stacks are rigorously tested and validated before deployment, minimizing risks and optimizing performance.

Configuration Management:

Our team, founded by early innovators in data mining, brings decades of experience to the evolving fields of AI, big data, and data-driven business transformation. With expertise that predates the rise of Big Data, we specialize in creating and improving distributed data analytics systems. Whether designing new systems from scratch or upgrading existing infrastructures, we focus on providing solutions that address contemporary business challenges effectively.



Founded by pioneers in data mining, our company boasts decades of experience in the field, predating the advent of Big Data. We are dedicated to developing distributed data analytics solutions, adept at both crafting systems from the ground up and enhancing existing infrastructures to meet modern challenges.

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